An agency with a great deal of depth



WDT is an agency with a great deal of depth, knowledge and understanding of what companies require to have success online. We’ve narrowed our focus into categories we know bring tremendous success.

Combining our skill sets our team becomes a strong asset to our clients. Whether you have an in house marketing team or not, hiring us will be well worth it.

They say the customer is always right and yet in our business our customers need to hear the truth from seasoned business people like us who know digital marketing. We pride ourselves in bringing an objective voice to your business.

Why we are Different

Our team members are business people having worked in their own businesses and large corporations in their careers.

We have created major events.

In both sports and music cirles we’ve co-founded a few serious events including a major water sports festival having survived over 18 years and driven well over a half a million dollars into the hands of charities.

Have you seen a social agency with an actual track record for their own properties? How does over 110,000 twitter followers sound.

Our team is skilled at assessing your business with purposeful questions, listening to your needs and communicating back to you in understandable terms. We’ve been told we are quite refreshing to deal with.

  • Our Skills

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    Website Development
    Lead Generation Contests, Quizzes, Coupons
    Customer Loyalty Programs
    Amazon Selling Presence
  • Our Clients

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