For a long time now Amazon is much more than the book giant on the block, infact it is the giant in just about everything. In 2014 newspapers published stats about stores like Walmart sales taking staggering blows to online sales by companies like…you guessed it… Amazon.

Amazon is a very special place to sell your product because Amazon account holders will actually pay more for a product on amazon. Why? Because they are conditioned to feel safe via protective Amazon policies and also because they can rate there experience. Once they have an account with Amazon shopping is a breeze each and every time.

Amazon literally has every category covered, but here is the thing, over 90% of the products on amazon are sold by businesses like yours and mine. This means amazon is the ultimate shopping mall where you pay a percentage of sales to ware your products instead of high monthly rent.

There is a learning curve to getting up and running on Amazon and there are certain rules to abide by and tricks of the trade that come with experience. We are your partner in getting established on Amazon.

We break it down for you here:

1. You sell less than 20 items a month and ship the product yourself
Flat fee of $1 per order plus roughly 12 percent of the sale value.

2. You sell more than 20 items a month and ship the product yourself
$20 per month plus roughly 12 percent of the sale value.

3. You ship your product to Amazon and they warehouse and ship it to customer

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If you have a proven product without patent protection and you are selling millions upon millions of units and your product is easily replicable then you may find they and others compete with you.

The reality is the majority of products sold on Amazon are not represented directly by Amazon. No one can do it all.

When you sell on Amazon they make it clear you are not to communicate with the customer via the amazon platform in a way that drives the customer away from their website to say your website or social media pages nor business email address.

Talk to us about our strategies that enable you build a relationship with these new found customers.

Amazon or no Amazon rating systems all over the web such as Yelp, Trip Advisor and indepant rating sites can impact your reputation both for the good or the bad. If you have a poor online reputation you can hire companies to help with that.For Amazon specifically you want to sell a product that you can ship quickly, that answers the purchasers needs, that you are able to perform returns when requested and other generally accepted good business practices.

We show you how to encourage positive reviews as you will find this is the life blood of people finding you easier and faster online.

We also set you up for success so you can head off incidence of ‘professional Amazon purchasers’ who have learned how to take advantage of unprepared companies selling on Amazon – didn’t see it coming tactics like this: They tell you the package they received was shy a few items and hold the rating system over your head to get an additional shipment from you at your expense. It doesn’t happen all that often and with our approach you’ll ensure it doesn’t happen.


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