We don’t like to hand this strategy out to the public and it may not exist on our website forever but the reality is knowing about this and doing something about this are two different things.

One of the best ways we see for a product driven business to grow its sales – is on the back of Amazon the Gorilla.

For example, take one of your more successful products that is easy to ship. Or white label a hot product known to sell well on amazon, either way your goal is to sell to lots of people who wouldn’t find you otherwise.

If you have to even use this as a loss leader. At the time you ship your product to the customer you invite them to your Facebook page or website to take part in a customer loyalty / reward program and enroll them in your newsletter or get them as a follower on your social networks.

Now you market your other products to these clients.

This is powerful because Amazon by nature does not allow you to communicate your business via your seller account. This means the customer remains with Amazon.