Quizzes and Surveys can be the ultimate lead generation tool for your business with a special twist.

We employ a quiz tool that incorporates conditional logic into the app. What does this mean?
As your entrants answer questions the quiz is scoring their answers and based on their scores the app will serve them a unique call to action related to their answers.
This means our clients have a new metric for their lead gen campaigns.. This new metric is ‘Sales’.

Got an Idea for a Quiz or Survey? Open to some suggestions?
You can entertain, education, engage and seek feedback and market data all in a very engaging manner that is tied to social and your website.

Pyramid Quiz
Pyramid Quiz
Pyramid Quiz

These campaigns can be run in a short term manner or for as long as you want. You can group a series of campaigns together to make engagement even more powerful and interesting for your audience.

Mice and Home Quiz

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Make sure to try this live quiz by IHHP so you can experience all the cool features: