What constitutes an effective sweepstakes or Giveaway? Our experience continues to include the following:

A clear entry page detailing what your sweepstakes is offering as a prize, access to terms and conditions and how to enter with a quick glance and zero confusion.

Reward Setup

A way for you to easily obtain the entrants email address integrated into your autoresponder, FB user ID where applicable and a like for your page (after Nov 2014 you can ask people to like your page not require them to) and any other pertinent info you wish to collect.

Reward Form

A concise confirmation page with the ability to display a promotional or instructional video, coupon, hyperlink to important web page, promotional code and relevant message, and ability to easily share the promotion on social networks.

Entering Reward
Reward Entries

To add viral capabilities to your promotion we incorporate a highly intuitive referral tool.
We also embed your promotion into several properties including your website and Fan Page.

You can hire us to provide a range of services for you. These include:

  • Consulting
  • App Development
  • Terms and conditions
  • Marketing of the promotion
  • Winner selection
  • Prize fulfillment