Loyalty today is far more than just a sale. Loyalty is about a relationship. At the end of the day we still want to see a purchase however arriving that that destination can take many paths.

  • Loyalty based on purchase
  • Loyalty rewards via sweepstakes and photo contests
  • Preferred clients and advocacy programs
  • Social media based loyalty
  • Rewards management and fulfillment
  • Analytics and optimization

Our strength is in our value proposition

We tie your loyalty/reward program to social which will amplify your efforts by:

  • Provide you a voice among your customers to educate them and keep them engaged
  • Provide channels where customers validate your claims
  • Tie your sales growth to your social growth
  • Drive down your cost of paid ads to these customers
  • Create goodwill
  • Understand your target market better via Facebook insights and more..

Our technology and process make this the most affordable and effective Loyatly Program you will ever come across.

How It Works

Customer makes purchase. Hand them a reward card or place reward card in product package. Reward can be a free complimentary item that you mail them, they pick up or collect electronically. It could be a discount, it could be a no related reward like visa card etc.

  • Card drives customer to web or fb portal to enter private code
  • ustomer becomes part of your online community
  • Customer unlocks reward
  • Customer shares with centers of influence

Have your service team hand the customer a loyalty/reward card or mail it to the customer physically or by email. When your sales team makes a customer satisfaction/upsale call have a reward code handy to provide to targeted customers.
Make this a production, emphasis how important the client is to you because they are.

For example a furnace company doing an install could offer free filters.
And automotive company fixing a transmission could offer free oil changes, free wind shield wipers or a coffee at the corner Tim Horton’s tied to social.

Run a password protected sweepstakes you only hand out to customers who achieve a certain action such as refer signed up business your way. Have all the sales people direct their targeted customers to enter this promotion and draw a prize every quarter. (for all businesses).
Those that take your survey receive a reward of some kind only usable by them via unique code they receive and can use in your store or shopping cart. You can even run this through a validation portal right in your store. Use the entrants responses to the quiz/survey to predetermine which of a range of rewards best meets their interests. This conditional logic can be powerful.