Don’t let this be your website. Five traps you want to avoid.
Credit card in hand you have google searched and found exactly the pair of shoes you’ve been dying to buy. Everything is great until…

You give it the benefit of the doubt and hang around for each page to load but its painful and times out. You dash never to return.
The reality is load times of every 2 seconds result in 8% abandonment.

Greater than 5 steps to purchase and item from your website is excessive.
Consider this flow –
Product contetnt page
Billing section
Shipping section
Thank you or Confirmation

You type in all of your information and then get a message you missed some data. The form dumps all the info and you have to start over. Yikes.
Make it easy for people by retaining their info through the error process and if you do most of your business in a particular country or countries have those choices at the top of the list.

If shipping costs are more than 10% of item cost people are likely to back out of their order process. This can greatly impact your sales.

Look at flat fee shipping and if you can inflate the price of your product to compensate for the artificially low shipping cost.

Not everyone uses your favorite browser and in many cases websites don’t respond properly accross different browsers. This can be a major source of pain for your visitors not being able to access your site and buy from you. Make sure your site is tested and optimized for all of the major browsers.