Powerful Use Of An Online Quiz

By wdt
Posted On December 5, 2014

The Institute for Human Health and Potential offers certifications, training, coaching and keynotes in the area of Emotional Intelligence for large corporations. Their 360 assessment tool is the envy of the industry and truly powerful in the hands of corporate management teams wishing to shed light on where they can better perform individually and as teams for the greater good of the company and their own personal development.

As a marketing exercise IHHP offers a lighter version of the quiz that anyone can take on their website or Facebook page, obtain results based upon their answers and have the option to share it with friends across all the popular social networks or via email. This often leads to additional exposure to friends of participants for which referral activity is tracked and noted.

The additional benefit to IHHP is their ability to capture social followers, subscriptions to their newsletter, promote their new book and learn a great deal about their organic traffic.

The way we build this tool allows us to imbed it directly in FB, Websites and blogs. Click on the icons below to give it a try right in this blog post: