Adwords can be costly when the account is not set up nor managed properly. There are a lot of moving parts not only to set up all the components of your ad groups, keywords, ad copy and landing pages, there are many learned skills that make an adwords account successful and that is what we bring to the table at WDT Group.


We manage accounts for all sizes of businesses in varying industries. It is always exciting to take on a new industry and get to know the business and searches being performed that lead to conversions for our clients.

Have us review your account, it is simple, doesn’t cost you a penny and we’ll point out where things are going right and where things can be improved. Just imagine if you are spending upwards of $30, $40 or even $50,000 a year and more, potentially a lot more on adwords, how happy you will be to ensure you are not wasting 20, 40 an even 50% of your spend. We’ve reviewed a lot of accounts and the reality is even well recognized agencies are making mistakes that are costly to you.

All industries have different buying cycles and therefor all adwords and bing accounts need to be tailored to the industry at hand. Not only do we manage your account, we work with you to manage expectations so you are able to fully benefit from your account and leave the competition scratching their heads.

You are not locked in

No contracts means a few key things for your business.
1. You own your account so if you decide to change vendor for any reason you don’t lose your history nor current set up
2. If you need to adjust your spend or stop it all together – you can.
3. We are partners, no one is in a headlock if you get what we mean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m locked into a contract with another company, what can I do to get out?
A. Not much other than wait the term. Sorry we didn’t get to you first. Our advice is don’t do that again.

Q. We don’t own our adwords account, its owned by our manager. Can we somehow bring it to you?
A. You can ask your manager to transfer it to us but given they chose to put it in their names this is unlikely. Close it down with them, we’ll open one for you in your name and you’ll grant us access as managers. Now you will never be in this position again.

Q. We don’t want to commit to a minimum annual or semi annual spend just incase our cashflows don’t support. Is this allowed.
A. With WDT Group it sure is allowed. We see this is the only way to approach your marketing. If you need to conserve cash for however long a time don’t let your adwords manager stand in your way. Survival is more important.

Adwords has the lions share of taffic so you need to be there.
Business is also to be had on Bing. There is a lower search volumes on the Bing platform however the customers are just as good. You’ll likely find the cost per click is at a discount to that of Google. If you can do both, then do both.

Your Google Adwords tells you a lot about keyword success and conversions and even then it is no substitution for Analytics. The two work very well together. We can manage your analytics for you or coordinate analytics and adwords so you get reports from both as you see fit.


There’s no sales pitch here!

Only straightforward answers to your questions in ways that you will understand. If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss your adwords or you wish a quote for your adwords management please contact us and we’ll give you the goods.