A large corporation was not getting the results they wanted from their agency managed adwords account. They did not have the expertise to assess the issues at hand.

WDT was brought into an interview process where WDT presented its management strategy, reviewed their account and advised on strengths and weaknesses.

The ad spend was a significant 5 figure budget. In the review it was determined the well established agency didn’t have a good grasp of adwords principles.

In brief the client was shoveling money at improper broad match keywords with no protection from negatives. If conversions were being recorded they were not resulting from relevant at need clients. A made up example would be the following:

Business: Movie Theatre

Relevant Keywords: Current Movies in Theatre, Movie Showtimes Nearby

Keywords Utilized: Popcorn, Candy, Intermission, Family time, theatre seating, The name of the theatre.

Thousands of dollars were being spent on non-targeted searches. In addition the majority of the clicks came from people searching the name of the theatre which was perfectly visible in Google maps as well as organic search.

WDT was given manager control of the account and quickly implemented over 9 main adgroups covering four business lines. The new manager restructured all the keywords into relevant terms using phrase, exact and modified match types and entered many negative keywords into the panel to minimize ad serves for non-relevant searches.

Landing pages were too restrictive not allowing visitors to access important company information nor the phone number. New landing pages were either created or use was made of the website.

The account became a night and day difference with ad spend being directed to fresh new prospects searching for relevant industry terms the company would not have otherwise shown up for.