Responsive websites have a clear competitive advantage over sites that do not incorporate mobile website design. Since some 60+ percent of browsing is done on mobile devices those sites that are easily navigable win.

So we ask you, do you want to offer your content to 30% of your audience or 100%? The answer is pretty clear.
mobile website design

A responsive design allows your website content to automatically adjust its display to the size of the screen that is viewing it. Want proof? Visit our website on both desktop and mobile devices to see for yourself.

There are additional benefits to having a mobile friendly website:

1. Search engines like Google and Bing or more likely to favorably index a responsive site.

2. Your website content changes automatically update for all devices.

3. Your visitors will enjoy their experience a great deal more.

4. Your site will keep up with current and future devices.

It is clear websites need to be mobile responsive.

If your current website is unresponsive do not waste a second more. To avoid being left behind bring your website up to date with a responsive design. You and your customers will be happy you did.