The social media age is upon us. Opportunities abound! What is your next step?


We are pleased to inform you our social media team is extremely strong in the areas of Twitter and Facebook having run successful campaigns for our clients. The thing is, it all takes time and energy but it also takes awareness, perseverance, consistency and raw talent. You have to determine if you are going to go it alone or hire a person to do it for you.

There are some great software packages you can use to help you manage your social posts and there are some obvious and not so obvious ways to get people to engage.

Right up front – WDT is not looking to manage posts for a vast number of clients. Our resources are spoken for in this regard.

What we can offer are our highly valuable promotions services found here: Promotions

In addition to this we will be happy to provide you 1 or 2 hours of consulting on the tools and techniques you need to have success with social media.